Screening Tour/Speaking Engagements

The film version of A Better Life is going on tour! Check the schedule below to see where the film is being screened and if it is coming to your city! The tour is going all across the United States as well as countries in Europe, Asia, South America and beyond! In addition to screening the film, many of the events include an introduction by filmmaker Chris Johnson as well as a Q&A session after the film. (Photo credit: Lindsey Ford). 

Chris has done screening events of A Better Life in over 90 cities on five continents. From London, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Houston, to Shanghai, Lima, Reykjavik, Copenhagen, Sydney, Hong Kong, Guatemala City, and more!

"Undeniably, Chris Johnson’s appearance garnered the most praise and accolades for any speaker Corpus Christi Atheists has ever had the honor of hosting.  His project is unique in our movement and emphasizes with exceptional clarity everything that is beautiful about a reason-based world view.  A Better Life resonated with so many in our community and pulled in people who had not previously connected with us.  His vision brings positivity and humanizes an often misunderstood and misrepresented community." - Christian Ferris, Corpus Christi Atheists

"Chris Johnson’s film A Better Life created quite an impact on the Peruvian atheist community. Many individuals from different provinces travelled from far away for the premier in Lima, and they were not disappointed. The film was unlike the standard anti-theist films that mainly focus on criticizing religion, but it presented a positive view on how atheists redefine the meaning of their lives when believing in God is no longer an option. This unique approach was an inspiration for many Peruvians that were looking for a positive alternative to express their ideas in a mainly religious environment that stigmatizes the few atheists that speak freely." - Víctor García-Belaunde, Sociedad Secular y Humanista del Perú

To invite Chris to speak about A Better Life, or to arrange a screening, send an email to:

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